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Everything you need to get your body prepared for birth.


I often mention these things in a class and see people noting it all down, so I've made your life easier by compiling it all in to one handy box to save you time!

Birth Prep Box

    • A packet of dried dates - for a shorter labour.
      • 2x recipe cards
    • Raspberry leaf tea - to help tone your uterus muscles
    • Coconut oil for perineal massage - to reduce the risk fo tearing
    • Time to Chill Essential Oil - to help you relax
    • Evening Primrose Oil Capsule - to help ripen your cervix
    • A £5 off voucher for Karen Scott (Butterfly & Bluebells Reflexology) based in Amesbury to redeem against a Pregnancy Massage or Reflexology booking.
    • A small selection of Affirmation Cards
    • A handy guide detailing what everything is and how to use it
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