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Birth Planning

Not feeling a full Hypnobirthing course or antenatal class but want to be prepared with very best birth plan?

The Birth Planning Workshop gives you all the knowledge, education and information you need to prepare your Birth Plan

Run as a group workshop we will discuss inductions and different birthing paths and how you might choose to navigate these.

We'll have a look at the different pain relief options available to you and talk about when you might want to use them.

You'll learn all about informed decision making and using your BRAIN so even if your birth doesn't go to "plan" you will still be confident you've had the best birth possible.

We'll chat about the different stages of labour and how you might plan for these.

Find out why we call the document your Birth Preferences rather than a Birth Plan

Then you'll have an opportunity to chat through anything else with me so that you can go away and confidently prepare your Birth Preferences with a pack of information, templates and checklists.

Birth Planning Workshops can also be booked privately, we will talk through every detail of your birth plan and I will then send you a complete, concise finished product for you to discuss with your birth team.

Online workshops are available to book - please drop me an email for more information or to book.
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