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Pregnancy Yoga

Antrobus House, Amesbury
6.15 - 7.30pm

​​Open to every kind of birther my classes are fun, friendly and laid back with plenty of time to chat and eat cookies


These classes are way more than a gentle exercise class for pregnant people; we booty shake to Beyonce, we have a laugh and we share experiences, knowledge and wisdom.


Pregnancy Yoga is a great place to meet local Mums and a really good way to stretch your achey pregnant body, relax your busy mind, bond with your growing baby and the benefit of having a Hypnobirthing teacher as your Pegnancy Yoga teacher means you'll also receive loads of birthy knowledge, support and gain so much confidence in your body, your baby and birth.

Classes last 1 hour and 15 mins and always include breathing techniques to help you through pregnancy, birth and beyond, movement focussing on specific aches, pains or other pregancy complaints and we finish with a lovely relaxation before a cookie, cake or mocktail and a chat!

Pregnancy Yoga is for every body and every birth. Whether you're struggling with anxiety, pelvic girdle pain, sciatica or just want to keep active and make friends! Pregnancy Yoga can help you achieve a shorter labour and an easier more natural birth by building strength and getting baby in to the very best position for birth... but it's also a really safe, supportive and non-judgemental space if you are planning a different kind of birth.

Bookings are made in a block of 6 classes; this is so you get a variety of content. Each course follows the same format but the content of each class changes from term to term so if you do wish to re-book you won't be repeating the same classes.  You can start attending pregnancy yoga from 14 weeks pregnant (or as soon as you've had your "dating" scan and are over the worst of the first trimester!) and I encourage you to carry on coming along until baby's here. 


"I have to say I really miss my classes with you. I did find another one closer to where my boat is moored but it's like a funeral service! No talking, no laughing and certainly no Beyonce gyrating!! You are very lucky ot have the wonderful Elle and of course each other. I have 5 weeks to go now and as soon as she's here I'll be moving my boat so I will be a lot closer and ready for when the Mum and Baby Yoga classes start."

Mary M, Dec 2021

"Elle is great and the yoga course was invaluable throughout my pregnancy. The breathing exercises we learned got me through the majority of my labour and the basics of hypnobirthing were really useful. I liked that it was designed for my changing body and as someone who had done yoga for years it was useful to know which movements were safe and which weren't. I would highly recommend for pregnant women!"

Emma S, Dec 2021

"I have recently just completed a 1:1 pregnancy yoga course with Elle. It was great that the class could be tailored to my individual needs as we could focus on areas that I was experiencing aches and pains with. I learnt lots about how I can help myself during labour and what I can do now to try and help get baby into an optimum position. It was also great that she could answer my many questions! Thank you so much!"

Claire B, Sept 2021

"I’m so pleased I took Elles pregnancy yoga classes. I learnt loads of technics that helped me through pregnancy but also during labour. I’ve made some lifelong friends and the support that’s come from Elle has been exceptional. I’d absolutely recommend her classes and courses to anyone looking to be supported and informed throughout your pregnancy.

I’m really looking forward to starting postnatal and baby yoga with my daughter in the spring"

Bex R, March 2022

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