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group hypnobirthing courses are back! In person in Amesbury town centre.

 Hypnobirthing is a logical, practical and evidence based antenatal course. It's literally just science! It prepares and educates you to have the very best birth possible. You haven't got to be dreaming of a drug-free, natural water birth at home to benefit from a Hypnobirthing course. It's suitable for every birth and every birther. I'm part of The Birth Uprising gang and teach their incred Hypnobirthing course which fits with my laid-back, practical, no bullshit style of teaching. This course is by no means, fluffy or flowery - it is for all families of all shapes and sizes.


I love nothing more than ensuring everyone has access to the birth they deserve, regardless of how many "high risk" labels get slapped on them. My areas of special interest are small/SGA babies and gestational hypertension due to my own personal experiences but have also had a lot of success supporting parents with birth trauma, fear of pain, pregnancy anxiety, gestational diabetes, VBAC, "big" babies, twins & multiples, fertility treatment and loads more!

Throughout the course you will learn the importance of and how to make your own choices during your pregnancy and birth, all about how our body and brain deals with birth, the importance of feeling confident about our bodies ability to grow and birth our baby and how we can make the most of our bodies natural coping mechanisms.

I have strong links with Salisbury Maternity unit and the new Beatrice Birth Centre, but have also supported many parents choosing to birth at Swindon Great Western Hospital Maternity Unit & White Horse Birth Centre, Bath Royal United Hospitals Maternity Unit & Bath Birthing Centre, The Royal County Hospital Maternity Unit in Winchester and with the Blossom & Bloom Homebirth and Birth Centre teams as well as in the comfort of their own home.

I am also happy to support parents from further afield with online courses.

The course is available as a full 12 hour course of a 3 hour refresher course and can be completed privately, as a group, online or in-person

Client Love

At 21 years old I delivered my first child in Germany. I was clueless to birth, completely naive and went in blind and did as I was told. I had been monitored over the last few months due to ongoing high blood pressure and on the 30th of December I was told I wasn’t leaving the hospital until my baby was born. This led to me being induced the following day. I agreed to the whole thing, went through horrendous contractions, I was bed bound, fighting every one of them and accepting all internal examinations. After 24 hours of contractions and not much progress things turned and babys heart rate dipped leading to an emergency c section where I was put to sleep and I met my son 2 hours after he was born. I was out of control, every decision was decided for me and I blamed myself for his small birth weight. This caused so much birth trauma that haunted me even 5 years later which is the reason I contacted Elle. 


Unfortunately for Elle, I pretty much contacted her right after conception. I was around 4 weeks pregnant and desperate to continue the pregnancy without fearing everything that was about to come. She immediately arranged a FaceTime and went through my previous birth with me. She understood my fears, spoke about things that should and shouldn’t have happened and really made me understand how it wasn’t my fault. I then quickly signed up to the 12 hour hypnobirthing course. We did this over zoom with a few other couples and learnt about everything to do with birth. We were taught to understand contractions, how to remain calm, how to make the right choices, our options and all the juicy bits no one tells you about. She was patient with my repetitive questions and related to my personal experience. Throughout this course I gained confidence to tell my consultants no when I was uncomfortable, I declined unnecessary requests to induce me and told them to forget deadlines and due dates. I was in control of my pregnancy right up to the birth and felt so empowered. Despite my best efforts I didn’t get the VBAC I desperately wanted but because of Elle I was able to laugh through the c section I had feared all those years. It was an emergency in the end but I was in full control, it felt calm despite being a cat2 and I was fully aware of why it happened. I made the choice to go ahead with the c section due to my personal birthing journey and it was the most perfect, beautiful experience that I would do over again. I was excited when my waters broke, I breathed through 24 hours of strong contractions, I declined external examinations and confidently birthed my baby in theatre via c section. I couldn’t have done it that way without the knowledge Elle had given me. I throughly recommend hypno birthing with Elle to anyone due a baby, she’s wonderful!

Chloe R, June 2022

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