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Postnatal & Baby Yoga classes are a safe and fun way to ease your body back in to movement, bond with your baby & support their natural development and continue to build your village of like-minded parent pals in a chilled and friendly environment

Classes are totally safe for you and your baby from newborn. If you want to come along, get some much-needed company, and learn some gentle techniques for you and your baby then join us, you might even meet some pals from Preganncy Yoga or Hypnobirthing classes!

Just follow the lead of your body and your baby - there's never any pressure to join in with everything, sit-back, learn, observe, have a sing-song, a snuggle and be in a supportive community, munch on a biscuit at the end and have a natter!

Baby yoga is suitable for babies until crawling… (around 6-8 months old) at which point you can graduate to ‘Active Baby Yoga!’

Postnatal and baby yoga classes are bought in a bundle of 5 - it’s all about following the natural development of your baby to help with tummy-time, assist sleep patterns, help with digestive issues, give them some fun stretches to help boost their serotonin, and some wonderful bonding massage to encourage the reassurance of the comforting proprioceptive system. Your baby will love it!

With lots of emphasis on self-care we gently ease your body back into gentle exercise, with particular attention to core-restore and pelvic floor support. We also teach mindfulness for mums, and, without any pressure or judgement, just hold each others space with breath work, stretches and a total relaxation practise at the end. The perfect day out for both of you.

Postnatal & Baby yoga classes are held in Amesbury and easily accesible from Tidworth, Durrington, Larkhill, Pewsey & Salisbury.

Postnatal & Baby Yoga

I am currently on maternity leave - postnatal & Baby yoga should be back in Sept 2024.
In the meantime please do come and join our monthly meet-up The Warm Embrace

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