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Emma's wild pregnancy and freebirth - "overdue", surprise vaginal breech birth to a big baby!

On the night of the 13th after a powerful, utterly annihilating and euphoric unmedicated 27 hour labour I gave birth at home, leaning against the landing stairs banister, to a 9.7 pounds surprise breech baby boy with the support of my beloved and two incredible doulas. The beautiful hands reaching into these pictures, catching our babe and feeling the umbilical pulse are those of the truly awe inspiring @becwallisbirthkeeper who along with @clairebearhall who I was so fortunate to meet during training in @conscious_birthing doula school were the most anchoring and nurturing support to me through what was a long and tiring birth vigil. The depth of sisterhood I experienced was beyond and the raw and humbling vulnerability that birth took me to was held in every moment by these amazing women. My gratitude in all that you both gave to us through this portal will be crystallised in time for the rest of my life. ✨🙏💗 I chose to take full responsibility for my pregnancy and birth outside of the maternity system. 42 weeks and 4 days of wild/medically unassisted pregnancy ended in spontaneous autonomous normal physiological birth. It means everything to me that we were able to give our babe a gentle entrance into the world at home on his terms, bum first! I love everything about his birth, even the divine realms of suffering it initiated me through. It was the most powerful and expansive experience of my life. He has been really strong and healthy since he was born and he is my biggest dream come true! Our not so little boy. Obsidian Ossian Moon 🖤

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