My Body, My Birth

My first little girl was born perfectly healthy on the 2nd centile. She's still tiny now so I've always assumed I just grow small babies. When I went for my first growth scan for this pregnancy and baby plotted on 3rd centile even the consultant noted "probably another small baby" With every growth scan that followed came more issues - the more you look at something the more problems you'll find. I even ended up on medication for gestational hypertension (high blood pressure) which I later proved was a total non-issue. Growth scans were constantly up and down. At 35+3 a Registrar wanted to induce me at 36 weeks, I declined. At 38+6 I was lured in for another growth scan on the promise of seeing a particular consultant for my review - they weren't around so instead the Dr on clinic duty went to see my named consultant who was "too busy" to come and see me but happy to advise induction ASAP due to my baby being "small and struggling" Thanks to a lot of the research I've done, the books I've read and the group's I've joined (as per 2nd pic) I know this was likely to be bullshit and more than likely just routine guideline recommendations. So again. I declined. At this point I was totally done with consultants. If they couldn't keep their promise or spare 10 minutes to see me why the hell should I waste my time going up there. It wasn't for my reassurance. I knew my baby was doing ok in there. I could feel them doing their thing. In fact the less pressure I had from Dr's the happier my baby got. So I reached out to my Midwives and they supported me and believed in me in true "with women" style. Nobody can make you do what you don't want to do. Your body and your baby belong to you. Believe in them, trust in them and amazing (but totally natural and normal) things will happen. And so, it turns out that I grow perfectly healthy babies that are the perfect size for my body - just smaller than what the computer would like. Fuck technology - you have no place in birth. Disclaimer: totally just my experience and viewz. Doesn't replace medical advice. Yada yada.

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