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The Perfect Induction Birth Story

A Positive Induction Story

I had planned a hands off, unmedicated homebirth for this baby after a previous very long, painful 3 day long induction! Unfortunately I didn’t quite get this but nevertheless my birth was beautiful.

Like my first pregnancy, I went to pregnancy yoga every week, soaked up all the hypnobirthing education I could and most importantly learnt how to work with my body throughout labour this time round. I cannot recommend the ‘time to chill’ oil blend enough!

Unfortunately a growth scan at 40 weeks picked up moderate polyhydraminos and with the predicted size of my baby, there was a risk of cord prolapse so I was told rather forcefully I should consider an induction or a planned caesarean at 41 weeks. The doctor didn’t seem to want to listen to my opinion or work with me to develop a plan I was more comfortable with so I reluctantly booked the induction for the next day.

Initially I was absolutely devastated, I was dreading the oxytocin drip again and so desperately wanted to experience a natural labour. I spoke to my partner, to Elle and also my community midwife and between them all, I was helped to switch my focus to delivering my baby safely.

I was grateful to be able to have my waters broken straight away, not needing a pessary. Due to the risks in my pregnancy, the medical team were prepared for an emergency caesarean just incase baby’s cord prolapsed but thankfully with a lot of fundal pressure it didn’t and after they were broken, I began the oxytocin drip on the ball and I did not leave the comfort of my yoga ball for the entire labour!!

I reached established labour very quickly and gradually the oxytocin drip was reduced as my body’s ability to labour took over. I managed contractions through my balloon and bubble breathing, an acupressure comb, the time to chill oil and moving on the birth ball. When this was no longer working, I started to use the gas and air to breathe through the strong contractions.

The contractions continued to get stronger as did my requests for an epidural and temper… (hello transition!!!) I had a big wobble here and began to cry. Thankfully my partner helped me relax and gather my thoughts pretty quickly.

Suddenly I had the urge to stand up off the ball (nearly falling off!) and my entire body began to push down. I got onto the bed, head end up and I remained UFO on all fours.

The purple line was now totally visable and with every contraction my body pushed strong, I was really aware not to add to the pushing, keep my breathing as steady as possible, relax my shoulders and let my body do what it needed to do. My partner kept reminding me to breathe and to turn my knees in and calves out to help open my pelvis and 20 minutes later my baby girl was delivered and passed through my legs for our first cuddle. I couldn’t believe I had done it. Induction really was an absolute fear of mine and I had done it, on just gas and air!!! I still smile now everytime I talk about it.

There wasn’t a need for stitches, I hadn’t torn or grazed whatsoever. After a glorious hour of delayed cord clamping, skin to skin and feeding we found out she was 9lbs15oz!! A few hours later we were all tucked up in bed at home.

My established labour was only 3 hours long and I put that down to remaining UFO on my yoga ball and doing whatever movement felt good to me.

It is possible to have a perfect birth with induction

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