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The premium Elle TENS machine hire for use in labour provides the latest, most effective TENS technology.  It’s never too early or too late to order! 


  • 6 weeks hire of Elle TENs* – latest most effective TENs technology
  • Available from when you are 36 weeks or more.
  • Brand new batteries & reusable electrode pads with every hire (no wasteful test pads)
  • Designed for Labour: Burst mode for throughout labour and continuous Boost mode for coping with contractions
  • Your Peace of Mind:  We have a thorough cleaning process of the units and wires between every hire, using high alcohol disinfectant wipes.
  • The Tens Machine is available for free local delivery or collection from Wild Embers classes or Wild Embers HQ, near Durrington!


"I used a TENS machine in my first labour (induction). I found it to be really useful in early labour as my contractions began, it helped as pain relief but it’s a great distraction too! The varying levels allowed me to build it up over time and I consider it a “tool” in your box of pain relief. The comb and TENS helped me when breathing wasn’t quite enough but I wasn’t ready for drugs/gas and air."


"The TENS machine was very welcome during our labour a very under rated piece of kit :)"

"During my pregnancy I was keen to explore alternative pain relief, and was recommended a tens machine by a friend who had recently had a baby. I was interested in trying it and would recommend to anyone who wants to explore alternative options. 
My waters broke at 38 weeks and had gone in to spontaneous labour but ended up having to be inducted due to my labour stalling, I managed to use solely  breathing techniques and the tens machine for 14 hours before requiring, further pain medication.
 I found that pluses from the machine really helped interrupt the intensity of my contractions, ( induction contractions really do hit different) and this was one of reasons I was able to stay at home when I went in to spontaneous labour, and able to stay as active and upright in hospital for as long as I did. 
The tens machine, has multiple settings and you are able to control the intensity of the pluses when you have a contract, there is 2 upper pads and 2 lower pads which can be controlled separately. 


 It's really helpful if you're feeling different pressure in different areas, it feels like buzzing feeling which at first is a strange sensation but isn't painful and becomes quite relaxing after a while, where it is sending a electric pulse to the muscles eiether side of you back. 
I would highly recommend a tens machine wherever and however you chose to have your baby, ( obviously have to remove it when in water) as it allows you to remain calm and relaxed when in the early stages of labour."

Elle Tens Machine Hire

    • Elle TENS unit
    • 2 lead wires
    • 4 large self adhesive electrode pads. The best size for labour. Re-usable, fine to test machine & use in labour, no practice pads needed. Brand new & sealed.
    • 2 x AA batteries (brand new)
    • Instructions
    • Faster & Guaranteed postage options
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