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Lovingly crafted by a lovely lady names Helen these cotton umbilical cord ties are a fun and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic clips. They're really easy to use, they jsut get tied around the umbilical cord and are much neater than the plastic clips. It's also much easier to keep the cord stump clean as it's a lot more accessible.


This bespoke design is a Wild Embers special and is limited edition!

Lovely Little Ember Cord Tie

  • Thoroughly researched and only using optimal 100% cotton proven to be safe for babies, my umbilical cord ties are;

    • Safe and easy to use

    • 100% cotton

    • Instructions provided

    Tiny Ties can be made in your preferred design and colour choice.

    The Tiny Ties cord is approximately 18cm long, which allows plenty of room to tightly tie around the umbilical cord.

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