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I am currently on maternity Leave Spring/Summer 2024
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Wild Embers

Pregnancy Yoga, Birth Prep, Hypnobirthing and Baby & Postnatal Yoga
covering salisbury, amesbury, larkhill, tidworth & Pewsey

Welcome to Wild Embers

I am currently on maternity leave until late Summer 2024, following the birth of Remi on 20th March.


Please keep an eye on my Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date whilst I'm away and sign up to my mailing list to hear about when classes will be restarting.

My Vibe

If the media and modern medicine didn't exist would you worry about birthing your baby? Or would you be confident in your bodies ability to grow and birth your baby just like the hundreds of thousands of birthers before us? Birth isn't tricky, it's totally natural and normal, we just need to discover and ignite our inner wild woman, to trust our body, our baby and our instincts

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Who's that girl?

Elle's that girl. (or Elice if you've known me for a while but noone can ever pronounce it so we're gonna stick with Elle)


Mother and wife first and foremost, birth nerd and cheerleader for enjoying pregnancy, bossing your birth and getting prepared for the post-natal period

They said the Hypnobirthing worked wonders.
Thank you so much for everything - so many of your tricks and points helped us to have the birth we wanted and also helping with breastfeeding now. Thank you, thank you thank you

A & J, Hypnobirthing Clients, June 2021

Formerly ZenMuma Elle
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