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Becky's Positive Birth Story. 10lb 13oz vaginal birth.

We had the birth pool up and just waiting for the time to fill but had to unfortunately change our plan.

Babys size and growth was becoming a concern. Lots of discussions with consultants. Some were better at listening and some had a little more scaremongering than was welcome in my maternity appointments! In the end they wanted to induce. I talked about my wishes and we agreed on a plan to break waters but not have any hormonal induction methods! I didn’t want any of that but agreed the next plan if we had no labour would be c section (my reluctant choice but knowing we could end up there anyway!!) waters were broken and labour did start but it was so intense as he was back to back and on examination after a long time there was minimal dilation. We called it for caesarean birth …. and then because I knew the ultimate numbing/relief was coming I relaxed a little and then it progressed!…. Anaesthetist was ready needle in hand for spinal block when baby changed his mind. Midwife asked if I was pushing…. My body certainly was! So he was born in theatre but not by caesarean. Some of the theatre staff said they had never seen a vaginal birth before. He didn’t get stuck although shoulder dystocia was a concern of everyone! but he was big. 10lb 13 at 40 + 1. Still lots of vernix so he wasn’t really ready but I’d built up a lot of fear by this point and I don’t know if I could have gone any further without having a caesarean. In the end I was pleased not to have had surgery but it was a very dramatic entrance, He had his own plans!!

Only thing we managed to use was was the tens machine which was very good! I also read both the books.

Anyway baby Orryn Stanley is here safe! Although it didn’t go exactly to plan I did feel informed and respected in my decision making and everyone at the hospital on the day were caring and compassionate.

The midwife was amazing in theatre. She just took over as soon as the birth was going another way. She was so respectful of my birth plan. She stopped them from doing an episiotomy too!! And I had no tears. 

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