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The best Podcasts to listen to when you're pregnant

I'm often asked what the best Podcasts to listen to are when it comes to all things pregnancy, birth and parenting so I've compiled this handy list for you with a bunch of my fav's. Whether you're nervous about giving birth, not sure what to do with a baby when they're here, needing some support whilst trying to get pregnant or just wanting something fun to listen to here are my top recommendations.

If you've done a Hypnobirthing course you will likely have been told "don't want this, don't listen to that, don't talk to anyone" and so here's your guide of things you are allowed to listen to!

Pregnancy & Birth

The Midwives Cauldron Podcast

Without a doubt my most highly recommended Podcast - there's an episode for everyone!! Dr Rachel Reed (from Childbirth as a Rite of Passage) and Katy James mythbust, tackle and discuss everything pregnancy, birth and womanhood, with a lot of giggles and fun mixed in with lots of chat about Herstory (my favourite topic)

Jessie Ware's "Is It Normal?" Pregnancy Podcast.

Jessie is joined by a different expert each week to speak about the unspoken! From Doctors, to Midwives, Sonographers, Reflexologists, Mental Health Experts, no stone is left unturned!

Birth-ed Podcast.

The lovely Megan Rossiter, a former NHS Midwife chats to leading experts in Pregnancy & Brith to leave you feeling fully informed and confident about birth