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Birth Pool Hire is £130.


£50 deposit upon booking and £80 due at 35 weeks.


Please check availability section before placing your order!


Everything you need to set-up your perfect homebirth.


"Thank you again for the kit. It is wonderful what you have put together and I'm sure many women will get to benefit from it in the future."


La Bassine Maxi Birth Pool The Maxi Birth Pool is significantly larger than our Original Pool



Pool cover to keep heat in and dust out

Single use liner

Single use 10m hose

Electric Pump to inflate/deflate the pool

Submergable water pump to empty the pool

Tap adapters to connect the hose


Handheld mirror

Water thermometer



Also included FREE of charge!

Your Wild Embers Glow box

Colour changing mist diffuser

Wild Embers signature Essential Oil - Lavender, Bergamot & Ylang Ylang

Elle Tens Machine

Acupressure Comb

Fairy lights & pegs to pin up your Positive Affirmations or happy photos

Two essential books to read in the run up to your birth: "In your own time" by Dr Sara Wickham

"Childbirth as a Rite of Passage" by Dr Rachel Reed





All items (except single use products) are for loan purposes not keeps!

The Complete Birth Pool Hire Kit - Rachel (Maxi)

  • Rachel the birth pool is named after Dr Rachel Reed. A midwife, author, educator, speaker, researcher and consultant whose work focusses on childbirth physiology, midwifery practice and women's rights (and rites).

    You'll find my favourite book of hers in the Glow Box as part of your birth pool kit.

    You should also listen to her podcast The Midwives Cauldron.

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