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Wild Embers signature scent in a natural rapeseed & coconut oil wax melt, decorated with dried Roses, Marigold, Cornflower & Lavender.


If you've been to a Wild Embers birth prep class of any kind, be that Pregnancy Yoga or Hypnobirthing you'll be familiar with this scent, whether that's from the diffuser or the hand-blended lavender balm that I gift all my pregnant Mums when starting their journey with me.


This blend of essential oils is desgined to clear your mind and allow your body to soften.


With notes of bergamot (Citrus Bergamia), lavender (Lavender Officinalis), and ylang ylang (Cananga Odorata), this calming, soothing blend combines three infamous essential oils for anxiety to help keep you calm, relaxed and focussed on having the best birth possible.

Time to Chill Natural Wax Melt Bar

  • Bergamot Essential Oil

    Bergamot essential oil has been studied extensively for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety. An uplifting oil, it also increases positive feelings, delivering a little brightness.

    Lavender (French) Essential Oil

    Lavender (French) essential oil is a calming and relaxing natural remedy, traditionally used for its healing properties.

    It has a powerful ability to help in treating wounds and protecting against harmful bacteria, and it is also said to help provide relief from pain.

    An incredibly multipurpose oil, pure lavender essential oil can also help to reduce stress and dispel low moods.

    Ylang Ylang (Complete) Essential Oil

    This delicate oil has many applications beyond its beautiful scent and is often used to soothe stress, boost confidence, and support overall health.

    Ylang ylang essential oil is said to boost immune response, and also has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.

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