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Bex & Ella's incredible against all odds birth story.

Bex is one of the strongest and most positive birthers I've EVER met and this is reflected so well in her birth story. It's been an incredible journey so far and I am so proud of both Bex & Ella at how well they're adapting to everything that's thrown at them. When we discovered at our 20 week scan that Ella had a rare condition called amniotic band syndrome all thoughts of a birth plan went out the window, all we were focused on was doing the right thing to bring our little girl safely into this world. It wasn’t until I met Elle and started her pregnancy yoga classes that I realised there were still loads of things I could do to impact and help my birth experience. Attending her classes each week not only gave me knowledge, it gave me some much needed me time and allowed me to meet other mummies who are now firm friends. Oh and the baked goods at the end were also worth it. After Ellas diagnosis we wer