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Chloe's Incredibly Positive Second Time Birth Story

A little bit about myself and why I chose to do hypno birthing this time round. At 21 years old I delivered my first child in Germany. I was clueless to birth, completely naive and went in blind and did as I was told. I had been monitored over the last few months due to ongoing high blood pressure and on the 30th of December I was told I wasn’t leaving the hospital until my baby was born. This led to me being induced the following day. I agreed to the whole thing, went through horrendous contractions, I was bed bound, fighting every one of them and accepting all external examinations. After 24 hours of contractions and not much progress things turned and babys heart rate dipped leading to an emergency c section where I was put to sleep and I met my son 2 hours after he was born. I was out of control, every decision was decided for me and I blamed myself for his small birth weight. This caused so much birth trauma that haunted me even 5 years later which is the reason I contacted Elle.