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Dairy Free Directory

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Lots of new Mums find themselves eliminating dairy and soy from their diet following the birth of their baby due to their baby showing signs and symptoms of Cows Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA). It can be a bit of a minefield finding dairy free alternatives that are tasty or similar to what you're used to. A lovely Mum who has been dairy & soy free for a couple of years has kindly shared with me her list of go-to dairy products :-)

If you are dairy and/or soy free and have any go-to products that you want others to know about or even websites or social media accounts to follow please let me know as I'll keep updating this list!


  • Party Rings

  • Jammy Dodgers

  • Biscoff Biscuits

  • the cheaper the biscuits the less likely to have milk , e.g own brand bourbon creams

  • Sainsbury's jam doughnuts

  • Aldi/Asda own brand jaffa cakes

  • Sweet & Salted popcorn (great for a sweet treat if you can't find something directly hitting the spot)

  • Soreen

  • Mr Kipling Apple & Blackbury Pies

  • Tuc biscuits

  • Ritz crackers

  • Usually gingerbread men


  • Lindt vegan chocolate

  • anything over 75% cocoa has traces of milk

  • NOMO

  • Eat Raw

  • Buttermilks


  • Zizzi jack fruit pizza

  • Chicago town stuff crust pizza

  • Reduced fat garlic breadds are usually safe


  • Catherdral City Plant Based cheese. ( similar to mature cheese)

  • Violife cheese ( similar to mild cheddar)

  • Sheese mozzarella and spreadable cheese ( usually found at Waitrose or health food shop)

  • Most alternative milks are pretty good. (Elle says Califa Farms Oat Milk is the best!!)

  • Flora butter in the green and light blue tub are dairy free

  • Elmlea plant based double cream ( whips up like normal double cream)

  • Stork baking block (not tub)

  • Just Rol pastry


  • Jim Jam Chocolate Spread ( green lid not blue one )

  • Biscoff spread

  • Salted pringles

  • Readybrek

  • Twister Ice lollies

  • Sorbet

  • Thai take aways are pretty safe as use coconut milk

  • Tesco southern coated chicken.

Things to be cautious about

  • Crisps - some salt and vinegar have milk powder in .

  • Squeezable sauce like mayo - contains cream powder to make easier to squeeze out the bottle

  • KFC uses buttermilk in batter so anything vegan or grilled is okay


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