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Emma's Positive Twin Birth - Mason & Blake 💙💜

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

When we found out we were expecting twins I had no idea what to expect but it did become clear that this would be a high risk pregnancy and my plan of a water birth wasn’t looking like an option.

I did a lot of research into natural twin births and realised I could have the birth I wanted with a few changes and an open mind.

At 26 weeks twin 2 decided to do a summersault and was now breach, it took a few appointments to understand what this mean for the birth plan, after discussion with the consultants I decided I would have an induction and I still planned for a vaginal birth.

The twins at 37 weeks still hadn’t arrived and weren’t making signs they were ready to either. By this point I was very ready for their arrival and I was booked in for an induction.

The day of the induction arrived and I called the labour ward, after a long few hours of waiting I was able to go to labour ward at 2pm.

Contractions started at 11pm and my waters broke at 4am. At this point I bouncing on the ball and using the breathing techniques Elle had taught me. I was then moved to a bigger room to accommodate all the people involved in a twin birth.

The contractions became very intense at 11am and I had an epidural. I was nervous to have an epidural but it needn’t had been! It took the pain away but I was still able to feel the contractions. I was examined and at 8cm and the midwife felt quite sure I could start pushing if I felt the urge.

After quite some time with no change I was put onto a hormone drip to try and move things along. Unfortunately there was no change for 6 hours and the consultant advised I would need a c section if there was no progress in 2 hours.

2 hours flew by and sadly no progress so I agreed to the c section.

I was nervous and upset about having a c section but it was such a wonderful experience that meant my boys arrived healthy and I couldn’t be more grateful to wonderful midwives and doctors who were so understanding throughout my whole birth experience.

Mason Downer 2:28am and Blake Downer 2:30am 19/10/21


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