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Hannorah & Maisie's Positive Birth Story

A story that lays testament that Hypnobirthing is way more about the journey than the birth. Hannorah came to me terrified of pain, tearing and a medically managed birth. Throughout her journey Hannorah made some really incredible decisions to take control of her birth journey and made me so bloody proud. I was recommended by a friend to join Elle's hypnobirthing classes. I am so glad that my husband and I did, as we had only ever heard about the bad experiences, and it left me feeling lost and scared. We learnt not only breathing and relaxing techniques, but understanding birth. Thanks to Elle I felt informed about pain relief, all of the options that are available, what they do, how they work. From the knowledge that she passed on to us, I spent the rest of my pregnancy then into labour with an open mind and to trust the process. My labour was 21 hrs in total and I was looked after by a fantastic midwife. She was with us from the first night we went in, the day shift started and then she was back on shift the following evening and helped delivered my baby. Our Maisie arrived by forcep delivery following the help of the oxytocin drip, spinal block and epidural. On paper this was everything that I didn't want to happen. With the advice from Elle I remained calm and my fears of this type of delivery were gone. I accepted that there wasn't anything I could do to change my type of birth, and I was proud of myself and my body for giving birth to my beautiful daughter.


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