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How to have a positive induction

1 in 4 women in the UK will be induced for a variety of different reasons. Hopefully by the time you’ve come to read this blog you’ve already done your research and you’re aware that an induction can be a long and uncomfortable process. If you’ve made the decision to have an induction hopefully this guide will help you make your birth your own and have the very best experience.

1. Knowledge is power! Know that an induction is totally your choice, a caesarean section could also be an option Use your BRAIN (benefits, risks, alternatives, instincts, nothing) Read books to learn about the induction process; Why Induction Matters by Rachel Reed and Inducing Labour and In Your Own Time by Dr Sara Wickham so you know what to expect. Invest in a Hypnobirthing course to learn about the birthing process, particularly the importance of relaxation, oxytocin, endorphins and oxygen during birth.

2. Keep a positive mindset Read, watch and listen to as many positive induction birth stories as you can Let baby know you’re ready to meet them and it’s safe for them to come

3. Have the very best support Ensure your birth partner is as clued up as you are. Perhaps consider hiring a doula. If you’re not gelling with your midwife request someone else to look after you. 4. Remember it is your birth Know what to expect, ask questions and be involved in the decision making Ask for wireless monitoring so you can remain active to give gravity a helping hand Let your midwife know if you’d like a water birth or to use the bath/pool during labour so they can try and facilitate this

5. Take it slow, give yourself time. It may take a while for your body to accept the process if it isn’t 100% ready for birth Don’t let the medical professionals dictate your timeline. Take lots of activities to keep you occupied and distracted; books, cards, games, a tablet

6. Keep active Avoid sitting in bed all day, go outside – fresh air is amazing, use all the facilities. Sitting in a hospital bed all day can be depressing especially if you’re used to being busy!

7. Build your own natural oxytocin Improve your birth environment to focus on comfort, make it and keep it cosy and calm - dim lights, fairy lights, music – headphones and a speaker, aromatherapy, massage, your own pillow and blanket, photographs of things that make you happy, use relaxation techniques and sleep when you can, especially during the early stages because you’ll need to preserve your energy for established labour

8. Don’t feel like you must fight the pain An induced labour tends to be a little more painful if you’ve used all your breathing techniques and you’re still struggling it’s ok to ask for more pain relief.

9. Accept the process You’re going to meet your baby, it may not be a straightforward path, but the result is the same!!

10. Visualise that success scene Holding your baby, walking through your front door with your baby, your other children meeting their new brother or sister – what ever it is, visualise it and let it be the motivation to get you through.

Wild Embers offers Pregnancy Yoga classes across Wiltshire, in Enford, Amesbury and Salisbury as well as online as well Hypnobirthing courses and other antenatal classes and workshops focussing on inductions, caesarean section or whatever you might need some support with. If you are interested in taking any of these courses, please get in touch. Drop me an email on or drop me a message on Instagram or Facebook

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