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Michaela & Noah's Positive Birth Story

One of the most important things I teach in Hypnobirthing is how to navigate different birthing paths which is something so well demonstrated here by Michaela & Aaron for the safe and positive arrival of Noah.

On Saturday September 11th my waters broke whilst I was in bed. It wasn by’t just a trickle like my midwife had promised. It was a dramatic, flooded my bathroom floor, something from a movie kind of waters breaking. So believe me when I say it can happen like in the movies! We called the maternity unit to let them know, and they asked how I felt and if I had a temperature. I felt great - ready to get all my oxytocin flowing naturally, ready for my contractions to start! I opted to stay at home for the time being and was advised to call back in the morning with an update. Me and my partner remained positive, called my mum