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Steph & Oscars Positive Second Time Birth

Steph's incredibly therapeutic second time birth story. Baby Oscar was born in the water on his due date! I love how Steph demonstrates just how useful the Hypnobirthing techniques were and how she really took back complete control of this birth following her tricky first birth. After I fell pregnant with my second baby I noticed birth anxiety creeping in after a tricky birth with my first. It had been very long with a lot of medical intervention resulting in a forceps delivery and both me and baby being quite heavily medicated. I had heard really positive things about hypnobirthing and thought I would give it a go to change my mind set and take back control. I saw Wild Embers on Facebook and I took Elle's online sessions which really helped me carve out some time to work on my feelings towards birth and challenge the negative ideas I had after my first. I found breathing techniques and visualisations really helpful to get into the relaxed mindset, practising these gave me my confidence back that I could go into this seco