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Postnatal (Mum) & Baby Yoga FAQ's

When can I start? You can come along to postnatal & baby yoga as soon as you feel ready. If you've had a c-section, episiotomy or third or forth degree tear or any post-natal complications please seek advice from your health care provider before starting postnatal exercise What if my baby cries or sleeps during the class? Post natal classes are totally baby led and I encourage you to follow your babies cues. If baby needs feeding, changing, winding or cuddling please feel free to do this as and when you need to. If baby sleeps it means you get to enjoy a little me time! What do I need to bring? I will provide mats and cushions for your comfort, please just bring your baby, a drink and a blanket. I try and keep the space as free as possible so ask you to only bring in what you really need for each class. You’ll receive more personalised information on pushchairs etc on your confirmation email

Wild Embers runs Postnatal & Baby yoga classes in various venues across Wiltshire. A Mum & Baby class as beneficial for Mum as it is for baby. You can book classes here.

Or drop me an email on if you've get any further questions.

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