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Pregnancy Yoga FAQ's

When can I start Pregnancy Yoga with Wild Embers? I recommend starting Pregnancy Yoga classes at around 14 weeks, this is to ensure you’ve had your dating scan and you’re over the worst of the first trimester! As long as you’ve had your scan and you’re feeling ok you’re welcome to start before 14 weeks. I encourage you to carry on coming along up until baby's here and offer PAYG if you've been before and you're starting a new block of classes after 35 weeks

My pregnancy's a bit complicated, can I still join? As long as you’re pregnant you can come along! Yoga is so magical it can help energise you if you’re feeling tired, it can help relax you if you’re feeling anxious and it definitely helps all those aches and pains associated with pregnancy. I ask everyone to complete a health questionnaire before starting so that I can keep an extra special eye on you if you do have any complex needs.

Can I still come if I haven't done yoga before? Absolutely. My first ever experience of yoga was a pregnancy yoga class in Salisbury when I was pregnant with my first born. You don’t have to be flexible or have any idea what you’re doing!

What do I need to bring? I will provide mats and blocks, I always encourage you to bring a pillow and blanket so that you can get nice and cosy for the snuggly relaxation at the end of class, other than that you just need to bring a drink and a sense of humour! Do you offer tasters? I offer free online tasters if I am running online classes at the time. You are welcome to come along and try a class for £10 without committing to a block - just drop m a message so I know you're coming!

Do you offer 1:1 classes? Yes, I love teaching 1:1 pregnancy yoga. It’s £35 for a 1 hour 15 min session and I offer discount on block booking. Please get in touch if this is something you’re interested in. I can offer this online, in my home near Durrington or at yours if you're in the Amesbury or Enford area.

Why do I have to book 6 classes? Each class has a different theme, so you get a good variety of content. With every new block I change the content of the class so if you’d like to book a second or third block you won’t be doing the same classes. The classes usually follow this format: Yoga basics, a sun salutation A class targeting pregnancy aches/pains/complaints (e.g pelvic girdle pain, restless legs etc) Self-care Birth ball/birth prep A birth rehearsal Something fun or super relaxing!

Wild Embers runs Pregnancy yoga classes in various venues across Wiltshire. A safe space for you to stretch, relax, learn and make friends! You can book classes here

Or drop me an email on if you've get any further questions.

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